2018 ORBA Babe Ruth Rules

The 2017 Babe Ruth Rules are listed below and the High School Rule Book shall be followed when conditions permit.  Exception to the rules are either obvious to Oxford Recreational Baseball Structural Organization, or are stated in this list of supplemental rules.  The rules proceed as follows:

A. Amended Rules
B. Rules and Regulations
C. High School Rule book (NFHS)

If any rule needs to be discussed or explained in greater detail please contact the leagues Head Umpire, Frankie Roller, at Frankie@ORBABaseball.com.

General Rules

1. A game will consist of six innings.  It is an official game after four innings.  3 1/2 if home team is ahead. No inning can start after 9pm (no Exceptions; except for playoff's if both coaches agree). The time limit is 2 and no inning can start in the last 15 minutes.

2. The playing team (defense) shall consist of 9 players (or 10 player if a team has 13 players on the roster).  Game can be played with a minimum of 7 players (after 15 min. waiting period).  All players present (offense) shall bat

3. 75 ft. Bases, 52 ft. pitching rubber.

4. Mercy Rule: 14 runs ahead after 4 innings - 3 1/2 if home team is ahead.

5. Infield fly rule will be in effect.

Batting/Baserunning Rules

6. The base runner will be allowed to "steal" any base including home after the ball leaves the pitchers hand.  The first offense for leaving early shall be called a warning by the field umpire.  The second offense in the same inning shall be called out. Maximum lead off of 8ft.

7.  Substitute runners only for pitchers, catchers (after 2 outs), or an injured player after they reach base.  No replacing players after inning has started, except for injury.  Substitute runner will be last out made only.

8. Any batter who throws a bat is out. No warning will be given.

9. There is no dropped third strike.

10. In any one inning, a team's time at bat will be considered complete after play has been completed in which the tenth or more run has been scored.  Example:  With one out and nine (9) runs previously scored in the inning, and bases loaded, the batter hits a double scoring all three (3) base runners, twelve (12) runs have scored, one is out, but the inning is considered complete.

11. Slide Rule: Base runner will be called out if a deliberate attempt to bowl over defensive player is made.  The intent is to avoid injury.  Must be a legal slide. The runner will be called out if the slide is rule illegal and further acts may result in warning for the game. The runner will not be held responsible for sliding if the defensive player moves up the base path to be tag the runner.

Fielding & Pitching Rules

12. The pitcher cannot go to the rubber without possession of the ball.

13. Pitchers will be allowed to pitch 3 innings per game and a maximum of 6 innings per week (if playing two games in one week) or 8 innings (if playing 3 games in one week).

14. Pitchers will be charged for a third of an inning as listed below: Throws one pitch - 1/3 inning

B.   Pulled after one out and throws one pitch to a new batter - 2/3 inning
C.   Pulled after two outs and throws one pitcher to a new batter - 1 full inning
D.  After three outs - 1 full inning

15. Legal Bat Size (wooden bats may be used in all divisions).
A. Diameter 2 5/8 or less
B. Length - 36" or less
C. No Weight Restrictions
D. No Composite Bats (NO exceptions, if the bat has any composite features it is not allowed). No composite features (kevlar, unequal technologies (Marucci Team Series) are allowed to be used in a bat of any kind. E. The brand, measurements, weight and other features must be completely visible for inspection.

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