Batting Tee

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Batting Tee


$30.00 - Condition: New



This batting Tee is made from strong sturdy rubber that will not break or crack unlike the plastic models that can be bought at other sporting goods stores. This is the same model of tee that is used in O.R.B.A.'s T-Ball division.


The tee can either come assembled or in the original box (the base and the tee are separate and must be assembled; bolt is included). This item is delivered assembled unless otherwise noted in the note section of the order form.


Batting Tee Order Form


Please fill out the form below if you wish to purchase the batting tee from the O.R.B.A. Store. For shipping if you select drop off, the tee will be dropped of at your child's next game. If you select me the league will e-mail you a new total including the shipping cost. Please have payment, cash or a check made out to O.R.B.A. (O.R.B.A. does not accept credit cards) ready when the item is delivered to you (all payments are due upon delivery).


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