2018 ORBA Coach Pitch Rules

The 2018 Coach Pitch Rules are listed below and the High School Rule Book shall be followed when conditions permit.  Exception to the rules are either obvious to Oxford Recreational Baseball Structural Organization, or are stated in this list of supplemental rules.  The rules proceed as follows:

A. Amended Rules
B. Rules and Regulations
C. High School Rule book (NFHS)


If any rule needs to be discussed or explained in greater detail please contact the leagues at Rules@ORBABaseball.com

General Rules

1. All boys/girls that show up for a game will bat in order of the roster submitted at the beginning of the game and bat in rotation (unless the player is late and then they go to the bottom of the order).

2. Mercy Rule – If a team leads by twenty-one or more runs after the fourth inning, or eleven or more runs after the fifth inning, that team shall be declared the winner and the game is complete.  Games ending by a mercy rule shall not continue once a team is declared the winner (home team does not get to bat if not necessary). Teams can continue to play in the playoff's if both team agree to play on.

3. Games will not be played in inclement weather.  Once the game has started it should be umpires decision. Any calling of games prior to the start of games shall follow the rules discussed in the general rules.

4. Bases will be 60ft.  The pitcher mound will be 40 ft. The coach must pitch from the pitcher mound (or anywhere behind the mound) but, can not pitch anywhere in front of the mound.

5. No multiple uniforms numbers are allowed on one team.

6.  All rules are ruled on by umpire decision.  Any rule questions or clarification will be provided by the Operations Director or Head Umpire.

7.  A Regulation Game consists of six innings.  Exceptions:  Mercy forfeit, weather, or darkness.  The time limit for coach pitch is 1 hour and 30 minutes (an inning may not start after 1 hour and 15 minutes). The time limit is from the scheduled start time, not the actual start time. In the event of a weather event the game will count if 3 innings havebeen played (or 2 1/2 innings if home team is ahead).

8.  The Head Coach is the only person on a team that may question a call with an umpire.  Any other coach, fan, player, or parent that questions a call or approaches an umpire will not be allowed.  Arguing with an umpire can result in an ejection from the game (without warning).  Fans and parents are also not allowed to be on the playing field.

9.  Unsportsmanlike conduct and/or profanity will not be tolerated.  ORBA has a zero tolerance policy.  The umpire has the right to eject the offender out of the game (if deemed necessary).  If a coach uses profanity before, during, or after a game they will be asked to leave the playing field.

Fielding Rules

10. The defensive team will consist of ten players.  Four must play past the infield line 6' away from the bases.

11. The pitcher must wear a protective helmet with a cage.  Catcher must wear a catchers helmet and male catchers must wear a cup. If no cup, the catcher must stand to the side.

12. The infield fly rule does not apply to this league.

13. If there is an injury on the field, play is immediately stopped and the umpire designates bases the player would have reached. 

14. Fielders must play at least two different poistions during the game, and one position must be in the infield (including catcher). The second poistion must be player for at least two innings. If a coach believes that a player is not capabile of playing in the infield they must get permission from the Head Umpire for an excemption on the rule.

15. If the ball thrown goes past (does not catch) the first base fielder it is a dead ball.  No base runners can advance to the next base (players who field the ball in the infield should be encouraged to throw the ball to first base). 3rd Base overthrow is a live ball (except if the ball enters the on-deck circle area, in which case it will become a dead ball and no base runners will advance, regardless if occupied or not).

16.  Calling Time:  If an infielder has possession of the ball in the infield (in fair territory) they can request "time" by raising both hands above their head.  By doing so the umpire can call time at that moment and determine where the base runners go based upon the half-way marks between each base.  If the infielder wishes to make a play in the infield they simply make the play and do not raise their hands asking for "time" to be called.  A fielder may not say “time”, they must only raise their hands (NO EXCEPTIONS). Outfielders are not allowed to call time. Catchers may call time if they have position of the ball in either fair or foul territory.

Batting/Baserunning Rules

17. Each batter will be offered 5 pitches.  He/She may elect to hit any of them.  If he/she lets the first two go by, the next three pitches will be strikes.  Unlimited foul balls.  There is a no “no pitch” rule in place.  All pitches count.

18. No stealing or leading off allowed.

19. No Walks.

20. Each team will receive one warning for a thrown bat.  The next offense will be called out.

21. No bunting. If a player does bunt time will immediately be called and a strike will be called on the batter. If the batter already has 2 strikes it shall be treated as a foul ball.

22. A base runner does have to slide OR give himself up to avoid malicious contact. A player who does not do so will be called out and may be given a warning. A runner does not have to slide if a defensive play runs up the line and makes contact with the runner.

23. If the runner leaves a base early, the team will receive one warning and then every infection after that the runner will be called out.  The runner cannot leave a base until the ball is hit. 

24. Any team that bats out of order will result in an out. If the team catches the mistake before any itches are thrown no penalty will occur.

25.  Any batted ball that hits the pitcher (coach pitcher) will be ruled as a dead ball.  The game situation (including batter’s count) will revert back to what it was before the batted ball pitch.

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