2018 ORBA First Year Pitch Rules

The 2018 First Year Pitch Rules are listed below and the High School Rule Book shall be followed when conditions permit.  Exception to the rules are either obvious to Oxford Recreational Baseball Structural Organization, or are stated in this list of supplemental rules.  The rules proceed as follows:

A. Amended Rules
B. Rules and Regulations
C. High School Rule book (NFHS)

If any rule needs to be discussed or explained in greater detail please contact the leagues at Rules@ORBABaseball.com.

Eligibility/Batting Order

1. All boys and girls showing up for the game will bat in the order submitted at the beginning of the game.

2. All players on the team must bat.

3. Failure to field at least seven players 15 minutes after the scheduled start time will result in forfeiture.

4. A defensive team will consist of no more than ten (10) players. The team will have no more than six (6) infielders including pitcher and catcher. Outfielders must be positioned at least six (6) feet behind the edge of the infield.

5. A player will be called out if he/she misses a turn at bat unless he/she has been permanently removed from the game. A player is not considered permanently removed the game until the manager has notified both the home plate umpire and the opposing manager (only under an injury and/or ejection can a player be removed from the game, all other cases will result in an out).

6. Defensive players, other than the pitcher, may be freely substituted at any time during a game.

Playing field

7. The field of play consists of sixty (60) foot baselines and a forty-six (46) foot pitcher's rubber to homeplate.

Length of Game/Inning

8. All games will start at 6:15. A game will consist of six (6) innings of play or two hours whichever comes first (an inning can not start the last fifteen min.). At least four complete innings must be played (unless time limit takes effect), to constitute an official game.

9. Mercy rule - If a team leads by fourteen (14) runs or more at the end of the fourth inning (3 1/2 if home team is winning), twelve (12) runs 4 1/2 innings, that team shall be declared the winner and the game is complete.

10. The inning stops at the conclusion of play when the seventh (7th) run scores in that inning. Any run scored on that play counts (i.e., it is possible to score up to 13 runs).


11. The infield fly rule does not apply in this division.

12. A runner may steal from first to second and from second to third (players can not steal home).  A player may only steal one base at a time.

13. A runner may not lead off bases. The runner may not leave a base until the ball has crossed home plate.  If a runner leaves early, the umpire will call a dead ball.  All runners will return to their bases.  One team warning will be issued.  If it happens again, the runner will be called out.

14. No stealing home ever. A runner may only advance from third base to home if the ball is hit or, if with bases loaded, the batter receives a base on balls.

15. A runner may not advance past first base after receiving a base on balls (i.e., player cannot steal second base on a walk).

16. Any base runner who deliberately collides with a fielder shall be called out and may be ejected from the game. The only contact that is approved is if the runner is sliding.

17. Play is stopped when a runner makes a motion to return to base and the pitcher has possession of the ball in the mound area. Play is stopped if the player remains stationery for five (5) seconds.

18. A player will be called out if he/she runs outside of 3ft on either side of the line of path to avoid a tag.


19. A player will be called out if he/she throws the bat (no warnings).

20. If a player swings on the third strike, he/she is out and may not advance to first base.


21. In the event of an injury, play is stopped immediately. The umpire will determine placement of any runners who are on base at the time of stoppage of play.


22. A player may pitch no more than six (6) innings in a calendar week (Monday through Sunday).

23. A player may not pitch more than six (6) innings in any consecutive three-day period.

24. Innings pitched in games declared "no contest" or "regulation drawn game" shall be included in the pitcher's eligibility for that week.

25. A player may not pitch more than three (3) innings in any one game.

26. There is no limit to the number of pitchers (other than eligible players) that may be used in a game.

27. If a pitcher:

28. Pitching sheets may be tracked at any time by the league.

29. Balks do not apply in this division.

30. The coach/manager may make up to two (2) trips to the mound per inning per pitcher (it will not count as a mound trip if the coach is checking on a pitcher that was injured on the previous play as a result of a bat, ball, or other physical injury, other injuries (pulled muscle) will count as a mound visit). The pitcher must be removed at the second trip to the mound.

31. In this division, the strike zone is shoulder to knee, and one (1) ball width of the perimeter (black) of the plate.

32. Six (6) warm up pitches for pitchers per inning and replacement pitchers. In the event of an injury or player ejection the new pitcher will receive unlimited pitches to warm up.

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