The official rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) shall be followed, where conditions permit, for all Leagues except the Pony League (where noted). No rules can be used (i.e. MHSAA additional rules) that are not listed in any of O.R.B.A.'s rules and/or NFHS rules.

Exceptions to the above rules are either obvious due to the Oxford Recreational Baseball Association Structural Organizations and By-Laws, or are stated or clarified in this list of supplemental rules (General Rules and each Divisions Rules).

Any protest must be filed in accordance with the procedure given in the By-Laws.  The Manager who wish to file a protest must attempt to contact the Game Operations during the game if contact can not be made, the protest must be given to the leagues Game Operations by midnight of the day the game took place, the fee ($25) must also be turned in to the league's Game Operations. The Umpire must also be notified at the time when they are officially protesting a game. The Game Operations will then decide to approve or deny the protest(s). If protest is allowed, the game will be resumed from the exact point at which the infraction occurred.  Protest fees of $25.00 at time of protest (paid to the Game Operations) and the fee is not returnable.

If any rule needs to be discussed or explained in greater detail please contact the leagues Game Operations, Frankie Roller, at Frankie(at)ORBABaseball.com or our Head Umpire, Shannon Groedl.

The following rules apply to all Leagues (except where noted). Additional rules for the individual Leagues are given on the pages with their respective heading.

1. Games shall start as scheduled unless the Game Operations changes the date and/or time. Time limits will start from scheduled time (not actual start time). Forfeit time is fifteen (15) minutes past game time.

2. The Rules Committee (Game Operations & Head Umpire) has the authority of the board to change, remove or modify any of the league rules. Only the appropriate division director will vote for each divisionís rule change. The Board of the Directors does not have the power to veto a rule from the Rules Committee and can not vote on a rule change. No rule can be created, modified or re-worded after the season begins, unless for safety reasons.

3. Players can not be moved from one team to another team or division after the draft night or the uniform order is submitted (whichever comes first) unless for medical reasons (injury status must be approved by Game Operations).

4. No inning shall start after 9:00pm. An inning may start after 9:00pm for a playoff game if both coaches and the leagues Game Operations agrees to continue the game. In the event that one party does not agree the playoff game will be suspended and will start the next inning with the score set at the same as the suspended game. The pitching rules will still apply that were in place at the start of the game. Games may be called before 9:00pm in the event of darkness.

5. Make-up games should be played within one week. This is due in part to pitcher eligibility. No team can play 4 games in one week during the regular season regardless of make-up games.

6. A playing team shall consist of no less the seven (7) players. Inability will result in automatic forfeiture. In T-Ball the teams will balance players and will still play a game, in all other leagues teams are still allowed to scrimmage each other but the game will still count as a forfeit.

7. Each player must play at least nine outs in the field and have at least one time at bat in each game, assuming the game lasts the full number of inning. Players must also play at least in two different positions (if a player plays a full game they must play at least two innings in the second position). For T-Ball, Coach Pitch and First Year Pitch every player must play at least one infield position. Coaches must get approval from the Game Operations if they wish to play a player less than the amount above. This rule does not apply to pony or during the playoffs.

8. In any one inning a team's time at bat will be considered complete after play has been completed in which the tenth or more run has been scored. Example: With one out and nine (9) runs previously scored in the inning, and bases loaded, the batter hits a double scoring all three (3) base runners, twelve (12) runs have scored, one is out, but the inning is considered complete. This rule does not apply to the pony division.

9. A mercy rule is to be established by each league and shall apply throughout the season and the playoffs.

10. Teams may have a batboy. Batboys must not enter the field of play during a play and must be at least 8 years old (exceptions can be approved by the Game Operations) and must wear a helmet if under the age of 14.

11. Players must wear uniforms and hats approved by ORBA Baseball. Jackets and sunglasses may be worn.

12. Batters will not be called out if they step into the batters box without wearing a batting helmet. Time will be called and a helmet will be put on the player.

13. Players must wear helmets while running the bases. Any runner, who, in the umpire's judgment, intentionally removes his helmet while the ball is in play, shall be called out and may be given a warning.

14. Players must wear a helmet when in the "on deck" circle. If a player enters the "on deck" circle without a helmet, time will be called and a helmet will be put on the player.

15. Catchers must wear protective headgear, mask, body and leg gear, and male catchers must wear a cup. No cup will be required for T-Ball. Any catcher not wearing a cup must stand off to the side of the plate.

16. Any defective equipment such as a cracked helmet or bat must be removed from the game. Contact Equipment Director for any equipment that needs to be replaced.

17. The intentional throwing of helmets, bats, or other equipment will not be tolerated. Any playing violating this rule may be given a warning and continued actions could result in an ejection.

18. No individual player may pitch more than six (6) innings in any one calendar week with two games and eight (8) innings in any one calendar week with three games, and only three (3) innings per game.

19. Once a pitcher has been removed from that position, he may not return as a pitcher during the course of the game. This rule does not apply to Pony.

20. All rule questions and interpretations are to be directed to ORBA's Game Operations. The Game Operations has final interpretations on all rules.

21. Due to limited lead off regulations, the balk rule does not apply to any League except Babe Ruth (last 1/2 of the season) and Pony. Batters do not have to make any attempt to avoid getting hit by a pitched ball.

22. Players will not be encouraged to call other player's names, other than their proper first name or their position title. Example: Pitcher, catcher, batter, etc. Chanting towards an opposing batter is not allowed (i.e. no hey batter, batter chant).

23. Managers and coaches cannot umpire in any game in which their team is involved, unless mutually agreed by both managers.If the umpire fails to show up for a game, a parent will volunteer to step in and, "play ball"!

24. Umpires may call games because of bad weather, lightning, or other bad conditions, either prior to start of or during the game. The leagues Game Operations has the final say in calling off games. All weather delays will be 15 minutes from sight of lighting, heavy rain or severe weather conditions. Games that are cancelled during a game will resume at the point where they were stopped for the weather. Any player that was missing from the original game may play in the make-up game and must bat at the bottom of the order.

25. Parents and fans will not be permitted to remain behind the backstop in the field of play (except for coach pitch). Umpires are to use their judgment on interference as a result of this violation. Anyone violating this rule may be ejected from the game and removed from the playing location.

26. The umpire may, in the event of excessive and continuous abusiveness, give warning to the manager of the offending team that the game may be forfeited if the abuse does not cease. If the abuse continues, the game will be forfeited to the opposing team by a score of 6-0. The umpire must then submit a written report to the Game Operations within 48 hours. The report must then be forwarded to the Disciplinary Committee.

27. No alcoholic beverage or smoking will be permitted near or on the playing field. After warning, the umpire may temporarily suspend play, or call or forfeit the game, depending on his judgment and assessment of the situation. A written report must be submitted to the Game Operations within 48 hours if the game is called or forfeited. The report must then be forwarded to the League President.

28. If anyone, player, manager, or coach, is ejected from the game, the umpire must report the circumstances to the Game Operations. The Game Operations will keep a record of the person, date, and the cause of the ejection, and the can eject the offender from the next game. No player may be ejected from the game without a warning and approval must be given by a member of the Disciplinary Committee (Must not be involved in the game) before a player may be ejected from the game.

29. The Disciplinary Committee may suspend any Board Member, manager, coach, or player, for a period of up to fourteen (14) days for ejection or flagrant violation of regular League Rules (excessive rule violation or Coaches Code of Conduct can result in more time), in which a rule has been broken (some violations may result in a life time ban). If the appropriate director is involved in the conflict they will be replaced in the committee by the League Vice President. Second violations must be at least a 14 day suspension and can range up to a life time ban. If a third infraction occurs the offender will receive a life-time ban if found guilty by the rules committee. The Game Operations has the right to suspend the offender until a hearing is complete and also can suspend a player, coach or parent for up to 2 games (Game Operations can choose the suspension method, and it could be longer than 2 games). The disciplinary committee has the right to suspend any above mentioned member for any action or motive that falls outside of these rules, if they determine it does not support ORBA.

30. A Regulation Game consists of six innings. Exceptions: Mercy forfeit, weather, or darkness where 4 innings (3 1/2 if home team is ahead) constitutes a complete game. Coach Pitch and First Year Pitch can not play extra innings. This rule does not apply to pony.

31. A Called Game is 4 innings (3 1/2 if home team is ahead) -or- 3 innings (2 1/2 if home team is ahead) in coach pitch only. If the required innings are not completed the game shall be recorded and played from point where game was called. . Exception: if any time limit is reached then the game will become official.

32. No noisemakers allowed on field or bleachers (whistles, air horns, megaphone, etc.).

33. Legal Bat Size (wooden bats may be used in all divisions). This rule does not apply to Pony (please see the pony rules for appropriate bat sizes):

A. Diameter 2 5/8Ē or less
B. Length - 36" or less
C. No Weight Restrictions
D. No Composite Bats (NO exceptions, if the bat has any composite features it is not allowed). No composite features (kevlar, unequal technologies (Marucci Team Series) are allowed to be used in a bat of any kind.
E. The brand, measurements, weight and other features must be completely visible for inspection.

34. No hit training devices may be used on or around the field of play during games. This includes any team that arrives early for the second game (they may only use hit training devices after the first game has ended).

35. Metal cleats may not be worn during any ORBA activity (practice, picture day, fund raisers, or games).

36. Teams may only use players on the teamís roster. Teams may not use any other child to play for the team. This includes using a player from another team and/or division.

37. No child that is not registered on that team can play for that team during a game. Violation of this rule will result in the head coach being removed from his coaching position

38. Head Coaches may only question actual rules and their enforcement. Coaches may not question or argue any judgment calls. Any coach arguing any call or questioning judgment calls may be given a warning or ejected from the game. Arguing calls in any raised voice or body language is strictly prohibited (coaches may only ask why an umpire made a ruling or show a rule that the umpire(s) call was incorrect.

39. Umpires may remove a pitcher from pitching at any time if they view it's in the pitchers or other players best interest. Unlimited warn-up pitches will be given to the new pitcher. Each out counts as one third of an inning for pitching.

40. Catchers may not block the plate or base path without first getting possession of the baseball.

41. Any participant (player or coach) who appears to have suffered a head injury or concussion shall immediately be removed from the game. The participant may not return to that game and may only return to future games after being cleared by a licensed health care professional. ORBA will supply the participant with educational material regarding concussion awareness. The player will not be called out on any future at-bats in that game. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disciplinary actions.

42. Coaches shall not ride in vehicles with another player by themselves for security and liability reasons (unless the player is related to the coach).

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