Lost and Found

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The items listed below have been found by members of the community and have been turned into ORBA Baseball. If you think an item that is listed is yours please fill out the form below and describe the item as best as you can in order to identify the missing item. If the your description matches the item ORBA will contact you and schedule a way to return the item


Items Found

Item # Date Found Location Found Item Status
F1 05/13/11 Scripter Park Baseball Glove UNCLAIMED
F2 05/16/11 Scripter Park Umbrella UNCLAIMED
F3 05/17/11 Scripter Park Green Sweatshirt UNCLAIMED
F4 05/17/11 Scripter Park One Black Cleat UNCLAIMED
F5 05/20/11 Lakeville North Grey Jacket UNCLAIMED
F6 05/20/11 Lakeville North Blue Folding Chair UNCLAIMED
F7 05/20/11 Lakeville North Pistons Jacket UNCLAIMED
F8 05/21/11 Scripter Park Browning Hat UNCLAIMED
F9 05/21/11 Scripter Park Brown Baseball Glove UNCLAIMED




Items Missing

Item # Date Reported Location Item Description Status




To claim an above item or to report a missing item that you have found, please fill out the form below, if you would like to report an item missing please fill out the form below and put "missing" as the item number.

Your Name: *
E-Mail Address: *
Item Number: *
Describe the Item (as best as possible): *

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