2018 Pony League Rules

The 2017 Pony Rules are listed below and the High School Rule Book shall be followed when conditions permit.  Exception to the rules are either obvious to Oxford Recreational Baseball Structural Organization, or are stated in this list of supplemental rules.  The rules proceed as follows:

A. Amended Rules
B. Rules and Regulations
C. High School Rule Book (NFHS)

If any rule needs to be discussed or explained in greater detail please contact the leagues at Rules@ORBABaseball.com

General Rules

1. A regulation game consists of 7 innings, 6 1/2 if the home team is ahead, 2 hour time limit (no inning can start in the last 15 minutes), mercy, or time limit. Otherwise follow rule 34 of the ORBA General Rules. No inning can start after 9pm (No Exceptions).

2. All players on the team are in the batting line-up, whether they are playing in the field or not.

3. Mercy Rule: If a team leads by fifeteen (15) runs or more at the end of the fourth inning (3 1/2 if home team is winning), ten (10) runs 4 1/2 innings, that team shall be declared the winner and the game is complete.

4. There is no mercy rule limiting how many runs may be scored in an inning.

5. When extra field work is needed due to bad weather, etc., both managers will work to prepare the field. The second team listed on the schedule is the home team.

6. No metal cleats. Only plastic cleats may be worn. If a player on the field is found to be wearing metal cleats at any time, play will stop and will not continue until they have been replaced with plastic cleats or some other shoes. If the player has no other shoes to wear, he will not be allowed to continue playing in the game and will be replaced with another player. It is possible to forfeit a game under this rule. This is the coach's responsibility to check and if the coach does not make a player removes his or her cleats and they have prior knowledge of the metal cleats the game could be forfeited. Metal cleats may not be worn during any ORBA activity (practice, picture day, fundraisers, or games).

7. Drop third strike is in effect. A batter is out if they don't make an effort towards first base (i.e. leaves batter box for dugout).

8. Infield fly rule is in effect.

9. Legal Pony bat size:
    A. Diameter 2 5/8 or less     B. No barrel bats
    C. Length - 36"
    D. Maximum -5 weight
    E. No Composite Bats (NO exceptions, if the bat has any composite features it is not allowed). No composite features (kevlar, unequal technologies (Marucci Team Series) are allowed to be used in a bat of any kind.
    F. The brand, weight, and measurement must be visible for the bat to be used.

Pitching Rules

10. Pitchers are limited to no more than three innings per game and no more than 8 innings per week (M-Su). Failure to follow this rule will result in the offending game becoming a forfeit. Report any pitching rule violations to the leagues Operations Director. The week limitation doesn't apply for playoffs. Each out shall count as one third (1/3) of an inning. If no outs are recorded it will still count as 1/3 of an inning.

11. Only the starting pitcher may return to the pitching position once they have been removed from that position.

Batting/Baserunning Rules

12. A base runner does have to slide OR give himself up to avoid malicious contact. A player who does not do so will be called out and will be given a warning. A runner does not have to slide if a defensive play runs up the line and makes contact with the runner.

13. A catcher may be replaced with a courtesy runner. It is not required that they be replaced. The same courtesy runner may not be used twice in one inning. The courtesy runner is always the last batted out.

14. An injured player may be replaced with a courtesy runner after he reaches base and the play has ended. This rule is not affected by a courtesy runner used in is not affected by a courtesy runner used in this rule. The courtesy runner is always the last batted out.

15. If a coach removes a player for injury. This player in the batting order will not be considered an out during the field of play. If the 2 coaches agree upon an excused absence, the above condition applies.

16. No throwing of the bat. If the batter throws the bat they will be called out.

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