ORBA In-Season Practice Schedule

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Coaches below is is a chart of the 2012 ORBA In-Season Practice Times. If a sport has nothing in the spot that means that it is available and may be reserved for the 2012 season. If the spot is blacked-out or has a name in it that time has been reserved or has a game scheduled on that field at that time.


Please note that ORBA has the right to cancel or delay any practice for rain-outs, maintenance or for any other reason. If this happens we will make every attempt to try to contact you in advance of your practice. However, sometimes matters arise and we may not be able to contact you ahead of time.


Once you have the time reserved you may use that field during that time for your practice. Please note at the current time you may only reserve 1 - two hour slot at a time.


In order to reserve a spot please feel free to fill out the form below and you will be added to the chart for reserved practice times. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once you fill out the form.


Practice Reservation Form


Please fill out the form if you would like to reserve a practice time





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