2016 Standings

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Below are the standings for each of ORBA's divisions for the 2017 season. The standings will be updated each day by 12 a.m. (The standings will only be updated once per day). Due to the fact that T-Ball does not keep score, there will be no T-Ball standings. For privacy reasons teams will only be addressed by their Major League Baseball team name, and not the coaches name. For the quickest navigation to the appropriate division standings click on the link below.


Archived Standings:

Coach PitchFirst Year PitchBabe RuthPony


Coach Pitch Standings



Top of PageFirst Year PitchBabe RuthPony


First Year Pitch Standings



Top of PageCoach PitchBabe RuthPony


Babe Ruth Standings



Top of PageCoach PitchFirst Year PitchPony


Pony Standings


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