2018 ORBA T-Ball Rules


General Rules

1. T-ball shall consist of (5) innings (Time limit is 1 hour 30 min. and an inning will not start in the last 15 minutes).  Time limit is from the scheduled start time not the actual game start time. The game may end early if both coaches agree.

2. Bases shall be placed 60 feet apart.

3. No Mercy Rule.

4. Each player must play at least 2 innings in the field.

5. A minimum of 7 players are required to play a legal game (must provide a pitcher). Coaches are encouraged to help the catcher out on gear to help speed up the waiting time.

A) A team with a full roster will play a minimum of 10 players, 4 outfielders, and 6 infielders.

6.  The Head Coach is the only person on a team that may question a call with an umpire.  Any other coach, fan, player, or parent that questions a call or approaches an umpire will not be allowed.  Arguing with an umpire can result in an ejection from the game (without warning).  Fans and parents are also not allowed to be on the playing field.

7.  Unsportsmanlike conduct and/or profanity will not be tolerated.  ORBA has a zero tolerance policy.  The umpire has the right to eject the offender out of the game (if deemed necessary).  If a coach uses profanity before, during, or after a game they will be asked to leave the playing field.

Batting/Baserunning Rules

8.  There are NO strikeouts

9. A hit ball must travel at least (15) feet.  No bunting is allowed.

10. Each team must bat in rotation of their respective roster. Note:  A batter shall be called out, on appeal, when failing to bat in proper turn.

11. The inning will end when one of the following occures:

A: 3 outs -or-
B: 10 players have batted. For the last batter (10th batter) time will be called as normal and the inning will be over.

12.  No throwing of bat!

Note:  One team warning is permitted.  The next batter caught throwing his/her bat will be called out.  Batter is allowed to carry bat down first base line, but must drop it before stepping on first

13. No leading off or stealing until ball is hit.

14. If a base runner has clearly advanced more than half way to the next base prior to time or dead ball being called, the base runner will be awarded the base he/she was advancing to.

15. Player interference in base line/runner out of base path.

A) Player will be called out if he/she runs 3 ft. outside either side of the line to avoid a tag.

16. The coach pitching option has been removed for the 2017 season. Coaches may no longer pitch to batters.

Fielding Rules

17. Each team is allowed to field 10 players (6 infielders and 4 outfielders).
Note:  Outfielders can play no closer than 6 feet behind infield bases.

18. The catcher must wear catchers equipment (except catcher’s mitt – the player can use his own).

19. The pitcher must stay in the pitchers circle (both feet) until ball is hit.  An attempt must be made to throw the ball to first base or bases.  No rolling the ball across the infield at any time.  Pitcher in circle must make a throw to 1st base if in circle; if not, he can make a play.  If the pitcher breaks this rule the runner will be called safe. Note:  The pitchers circle will be 10 feet in diameter and 46 feet from home plate.

20. The pitcher must wear a caged batting helmet.

21. Play shall stop immediately if a player is injured.

22. Dead ball/when play is stopped.

a) Ball becomes dead when umpire calls "time".
b) Play is stopped immediately if a player is injured.  See Rule 21.
c) Time is called to return ball to batting tee/play is stopped when the ball is placed on batting tee.
d) Play is stopped when the ball is thrown in close vicinity of the pitcher circle in an "attempt" to stop play.  Pitcher must be in pitchers circle.  Umpire decision.  Play is stopped when pitcher makes attempt to catch ball.
e) The play will be dead as soon as the first attempt  to make a play with the ball has been done. This will prevent the constant running of bases and teach the kids to make a play to the correct base.

23. An attempt must be made to throw the ball to first base or bases.  No rolling the ball across the infield at any time.  Pitcher in circle must make a throw to 1st base if in circle; if not, he can make a play.

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